Pash Julian

company 2015


Pash Julian’s acting career began in 2005 where, upon finishing secondary education, he appeared in a myriad of short films, television commercials and music videos. He then studied in Los Angeles under American acting coach Bernard Hiller and Lesley Kahn from 2010 to 2012. Following this intermittent two year endeavour, Pash starred in a production entitled “The Suicide” by Nikolai Erdman at the Darlinghurst Theatre, which sparked his love for theatre. Following this project, he was accepted into the advanced Diploma of Performing Arts at ACA in 2012 where his professional training began. During this time, he explored different elements of theatre, including absurdist, abstract and realism, as well as various performance styles from classical to contemporary. Through the duration of the course, Pash worked alongside industry names such as George Ogilvie, Kevin Jackson, Jennifer West, Sam Chester and Anthony Skuse. With graduation from ACA approaching, Pash is looking forward to producing works in the film and theatre industry, both his own original works and known pieces.