Matthew Cheetham

company 2015


After graduating from Penrith Selective High School in 2007, Matthew pursued music, rapidly entering the music industry on a professional level. Matthew spent the next five years working at one of the nation’s largest entertainment companies, The Mushroom Group, as well as interviewing local and international artists for Street Press Australia. Matthew developed an interest in acting after attending a Part-time course at ACA in 2012, subsequently auditioning for the full-time course.

Highlights of his time at ACA Sydney included the first year devised performance, “Night Circus,” directed by Anthony Skuse and Samantha Chester. Matthew also portrayed the distinguished Helmut Bakaitis in a verbatim theatre project and worked extensively with the legendary Kevin Jackson on the third year performance “The Decline and Fall(ing) of the American Empire.” Matthew has already begun to write, direct and perform in his own content and sees high value in collaborating with other artists, whilst working towards diverse and unique stories being told in Australia and abroad.