Mathew Rope

company 2015


Mathew was born in New Zealand, raised in Australia and spent a few years in Ireland in between. He ‘found the Arts’ in his later years at High School, and undergraduate studies in an Arts degree at UNSW encouraged him further in this pursuit. Working with Clare Grant in the Lo Myers Studio inspired him to chase a career in performance, and arriving at the doors of ACA the following year was a blessing. At ACA, he has had the pleasure of devising work with Sam Chester and Anthony Skuse, hobbled hallowed Chekhovian turf as Count Shabelsky in “Ivanov” directed by Cristabel Sved, found his lost twin sister as Sebastian in “Twelfth Night” with George Ogilvie, as well as exploring Fred in Edward Albee’s “The Lady From Dubuque” directed by Kevin Jackson.

Mathew would like to thank staff and students alike at ACA for their constant inspiration and support; Cath Dadd for endless nightly chats and the amazing Jennifer West for igniting his passion and hunger for poetry.