Johnny Light


Born and raised in the magical land of New Zealand, Johnny discovered his talent for performance at the age of 12 when he starred as ‘The Artful Dodger’ in the musical Oliver! Since then he has enjoyed participating in numerous musicals around Auckland, starring in shows such as Assassins, Show-Boat and Urinetown.

Once Johnny was accepted into ACA’s Full-Time Course at the age of 19, he migrated to Sydney and has been enjoying his new life ever since. His highlight of the course was playing ‘Lucio’ in the Shakespeare play Measure for Measure directed by Jenny West. He has a particular interest in screen-acting but enjoys performing on stage as well, his favourite medium being comedy. Johnny has thoroughly enjoyed his time at ACA and looks forward to the day he'll be able to afford a dish-washer with money earned entirely from doing what he loves most; entertaining.