Alinta Burton

company 2015


Born and raised in Perth, Alinta’s interest in acting and filmmaking began with an extracurricular Vox Pops project in early high school. Her passion for filmmaking and editing became apparent, winning the first City of Stirling Youth Filmmaking Scholarship. Alinta’s mother then encouraged her to take up drama in Year 11 and 12 to better understand actors.
Little did she know that acting would soon become a passion in itself. After finding herself stuck as an Executive Assistant in a Federal Government department, she risked everything to make the move to Sydney, where she subsequently received a place in the full time course at ACA.

Alinta’s highlights throughout the course have included playing Irena in “The Three Sisters” directed by Stefanos Rassios, Shirley in “Fifth of July” directed by Kevin Jackson, movement with Sam Chester, camera classes and creating independent films with Pearl Tan and Rob Jago. In the future, Alinta hopes to learn more about filmmaking and cinematography in order to create her own films and be given the opportunity to work as an actor with great production crews.