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10560NAT advanced diploma of performing arts (acting)

Audition Applications for 2019 Intake opens in February


Choosing vocational training for the entertainment sector is an important step in securing an effective, long-term career.

ACA is the only performing arts institution in the world guided by our unique M.A.P system. This trilogy of components made up of MANAGER, ARTIST and the PERSON means the delivery of education at ACA is second to none as all three aspects are acknowledged and empowered from day one through to graduation.

We believe education is not purely information and doesn’t end with the delivery of content. Our focus also rests on how a person learns, retains, and grows from the skills being taught. The MANAGER piece in the mix means ACA maintains an adult environment inside of which the most effective and long-tern training can take place.

In 2.5 years a foundation for a lifetime career needs to be seeded. Also the ability for each actor to conduct themselves at the highest level of professionalism should become second nature. Our experts ensure this is the outcome for each student.

For over 30 years ACA has led performing arts education by delivering a new model to ensure success for the career of the future. Our 10 Principles and Values are unique to our culture and combine to create the environment and atmosphere at ACA which allows every growing artist to exceed expectation.

It is our pleasure to now share with you not just how we do what we do, but why. Theatre, film and TV have an enormous role to play on the planet and ACA’s entire staff are dedicated on a daily basis to serving the craft, the industry and serving each aspiring artists who chooses to train with us.

Course Curriculum

10560NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting)

ACA's Full-Time Course (10560NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting)) has been meticulously designed and conceived with each actor's most extensive learning outcomes and professional results as the prime considerations. We deliver a program of exceptional standing and one that many industry leaders believe sets a new standard as to what's possible in acting training.


The Philosophy: ACA's Full-Time Course embraces your gifts and honours your personal and artistic journey throughout your training. You study in an adult environment - a place of mutual collaboration, respect and support. Our paradigm for learning is: high challenge matched with high support produces high performance.

The Structure: We have structured a unique and flexible schedule that works for you. Up to two days during the week are spent off campus and used to embrace three essential elements:

  1. Time for reflection and digestion
  2. Time for quality research and preparation
  3. Time to work and to live

There are three days of classes per week from Year 1, then three-and-a-half days from the beginning of Year 3. The extra half-day of classes is focused on key areas that directly reflect the upcoming demands of the Industry. By maintaining a balanced and healthy life, you can avoid stresses and overload that can accompany five days a week of study and, therefore, fully embrace the quality training offered. This unique structure also serves to accelerate and deepen your learning.

The Delivery: The way we learn has an effect on what we learn. Our program uses learning techniques that open up possibilities within each actor and salute the very best in each individual. Peak performance is our focus through an active, dynamic, and consistent learning environment, matching rigor with achievement at every step.

curriculum summary

Each year is dedicated to specific skills and outcomes. The structure is unique to this course and is built as follows:



Your first year is a rigorous and enlightening process of discovery. Find your voice, claim your space, trust your instinct, open your heart and understand, affirm and celebrate the reasons why acting is a vital and important component in your life.

  • Class Work: Voice, Movement, Mask, Emotional Instrument, Creative State, the Power of Language, Performance History, Improvisation, Life Mastery. Acting Laboratory includes – Laban, Morris, Stanislavsky, Benedetti, Spolin, Chekhov, and Johnstone
  • Presentations: Mask, Animal/Observation, Sonnets
  • Public Performances: Movement Duets (Term Two/Calendar Term Four), Australian Scenework (Term Two/Calendar Term Four)



With your foundation skills in place, your second year is your chance to explore and experience the demands and the power of live performance. This is the time to truly embrace the depth, range and demands asked for by the playwright, character, dramatic situation and director through accessing all areas of your potential and abilities.

  • Class Work: Voice, Movement, Emotional Instrument, Shakespeare, Mask, Character, Performance History, Acting, Improvisation, Script Analysis, Singing, RP Accent & Phonetics
  • Presentations: Character Monologue, Mask, Shakespeare Scenes
  • Public Performances: Movement Solos (Term One), Devised Theatre Project (Term One), Voice & Physical Theatre Performance (Term Two), Russian Theatre Project (Term Three), self-devised Cabaret (Term Four)



This is where the innovation driving this course really comes into its own. Return after your summer break for the final six-month module solely dedicated to your knowledge of, and initiation into, the professional arena. Spend two invaluable terms preparing how you will conduct your business as an artist and how to best create and manage your career in consultation with prominent industry guests who will address all facets of the industry including: casting, agents, directors, short film-making, self-employment, self-marketing, funding, sponsorship, touring and company information.

The course focuses on television and film training as an essential element in the program; the final four terms of the course have screen acting as a major component. You will shoot a major scene for your Showreel directed by a current TV and/or Film Industry Director, maximising your employment opportunities.

  • Class Work: Screen Acting, Screentesting, Audition Technique, Performance Lab, Accents, Singing, Showreel, Stage Combat; continuing core Voice and Movement
  • Presentations: Musical Duets, Singing Solos, Musical Theatre Dance Audition, Industry Showreel.
  • Public Performances: VERBATIM Theatre Performance 'Reality Bytes' (Term One), Shakespeare (Term Two), Graduation Project (Term Three), Industry Showcase/Agents' Day (Term Four).

Module Summary - 10560NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting)

You will complete your training with:

  • 10560NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Acting)
  • Industry Showcase performances for agents, casting directors, directors from theatre, film & television and other industry guests
  • A Graduate Showreel package (including your showreel, monologue and headshots) sent to casting directors and agents
  • Showcast online listing as an ACA Graduate
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 10x8 Headshot
  • Articulation into a Bachelor of Theatre Studies at University of New England, worth 72 credit points

ACA is a leading provider of acting training in Australia. Our full-time acting course began in 1990 and has attained the status of being a much sought after career pathway for aspiring actors. From all around Australia and New Zealand, thousands of people seeking an alternative to the traditional schools and conservative pathways into the industry have auditioned to join this unique course.

This is your opportunity to experience innovative career training, where traditional techniques are fused with the latest learning technologies – all built into an environment fuelled by liberty, rigor and passion. ACA believes in the power, service and contribution of the arts within the community and the cultural dynamic of a society. Our full-time acting course produces actors that share that spirit and sense of purpose in all they do, whilst being fully skilled and equipped to do so.


"The professional standards applied within this highly personalised course encourage each individual to grow to their fullest extent, and eclipse industry skills and standards required for a successful career in theatre, film and television. We are passionate about people, about education and about deep artistic growth and achievement. In ACA's Full-Time Course, our commitment is to guide and inspire you every step of the way." Dean Carey – Creative & Founding Director