new full-time course fees

2018 Full-time Course FEES and ACA’s alternative model to FEEHELP

ACA’s Full-time course fees are $56,000, and are in line with the other major Australian vocational dramatic institutions.

ACA’s New System

Every student gaining successful entry will receive an $8,000 scholarship which reduces their course fees to $48,000. ACA's scholarship scheme ensures every student is supported in their choice of education and that ACA and our scholarship sponsors are committed to supporting each student’s right to access quality education.

ACA offers each student a personal loan of $14,000 further reducing the amount of fees owing across the 2.5 years to $34,000.

ACA is determined that students should not be penalised with the loss of FEE HELP to 487 schools across Australia. We believe that every student deserves the right to education as well as access to the highest quality education delivered with excellence and integrity. Hence our scholarship and loan offer to all accepted students.

At FEE HELP approved institutions a loan repayment interest percentage of 20% of the total course fee is added onto each student’s debt immediately upon acceptance into the course. Added to this is an accrual rate of approx. 10% per annum loaded onto the unpaid loan.

ACA’s alternative FEEHELP model:

ACA is committed to offering as many graduates as possible the opportunity of working for ACA in a myriad of roles to support their loan repayment and to keep connected to ACA’s culture and community.

The landscape for students accessing education across Australia has changed. ACA is committed to ensure this does not impede the most talented young artists in accessing Australia’s premier artistic education.

Please see table below for details of course fees required across the 2.5 year program.



International student fees are the same as domestic students. ACA does not have CRICOS and cannot assist a student in gaining a visa for the course. A visa for the duration of the course must be obtained independent of ACA for enrolment.

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Table A Total Course Fees Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Terms 10 (2.5 years) 2 (6 months) 4 (12 Months) 4 (12 months)
Course Cost $56,000.00 $11,200.00 $22,400.00 $22,400.00
Scholarship $8,000.00 $1,600.00 $3,200.00 $3,200.00
Total $48,000.00 $9,600.00 $19,200.00 $19,200.00
Loan Offer $14,000.00 $2,800.00 $5,600.00 $5,600.00
Total Less ACA Loan * $34,000.00 $6,800.00 $13,600.00 $13,600.00

* Note the total upfront cost less the ACA loan offer. ACA loan and special offer Terms and Conditions apply.

Fee Payment Schedule

Base Fee 2.5 Year Course ACA Loan Option Number of Payments * Payment Amount
$48,000.00 No 10 $4,800.00
$34,000.00 Yes 10 $3,400.00

* Fees are due before the beginning of each school term

Loan Payment Schedule

Basic loan offer: